Well, just about everything has changed about the dream wedding you were planning, including how your makeup application will go. That also includes your trial session, engagement photos, and any photo shoots you were planning. In NYS, as of the writing of this blog in mid-July, 2020, we have verified that makeup applications are still not allowed. BUT, makeup lessons and consultations are. So, we will be turning all of our makeup applications into lessons and sharpening your skills for this special day and everyday moving forward.

We will make it fun, so bring your bestie, makeup, and your brushes, and we will do the same. We will be teaching you what works and what doesn’t. Teaching you how to apply those false lashes and also how to draw the cleanest eye line. Most importantly, we will be choosing the proper colors in concealer and foundation for camera and the best way to apply absolutely everything. We will be showing you what you can use of your own and what we think you need to supplement with from our diverse collection of products from Alayne Curtiss Bridal Beauty, Bare Minerals, and more.

At your wedding, we will be there, again guiding you and your girls all the way. We will do one on one with the bride and mom and as a group for your girls. At Make Me Fab, we have already put together more than 15 looks for you to choose from with the instructions already done for you on instruction cards. You pick your favorite look and follow the instructions while we guide you. If you want to purchase any item in the look you can. Or, the full look is available at 15% off; makeup brushes are also available for purchase.

Of course, sanitation protocols have been drastically upgraded, including alcohol sprays, during application and after, UV light sanitation after use of tools and products. Disposable tools and palettes, gloves, masks and eyewear worn by your artist, and use of more disposables like q-tips, single-use sponges, and tissues. Even ghost blush applicators made from cotton balls and tissue (this is a trick Alayne learned at her Clinique days, and we can’t wait to show you too!)

Bridal lessons done at our salon will be $150 and include $50 in makeup. Regular lessons done at our salon are $95 and also include $50 in makeup, instructions cards, artist notes, and a follow-up visit is included. (Special rates apply to Harris Company senior sessions, be sure to say thanks to Mikayla!) Here is a sampling of the looks we can teach you:

Subtle Romance Open  Classicaly Elegant OpenBring Out Open

Got questions, feel free to email us at frontdesk@makemefab.com

Stay fab,