There are many reasons why a bride may decide to do her own makeup on the wedding day.

Your makeup artist cancels at the last minute.  You’re just not comfortable with other people touching your face.  You don’t like any of the looks that artists tried on you. You just want to look like yourself. Your budget just doesn’t allow for it. Or in 2020, we saw makeup applications prohibited for many months. Well not to worry, it can be done and we are here to help. Alayne Curtiss has been a bridal hair and makeup artist for more than 25 years and gives you her top tips to help you look fabulous on your wedding day.

  1. Try a lesson with a makeup artist to teach you a few tips about makeup, lighting, and her top tips. This can be done in person or virtually. Schedule a follow-up appointment for additional questions after you try out the look on your own and take good notes and diagrams for reference.
  2. Practice a few looks you like and take photos of yourself in different lighting, wearing light colors and see which look you like the best. Perfect and practice based on what you see and want to change.
  3. Match your foundation to your neck since most often these areas are exposed when wearing a wedding dress and a makeup artist’s job is to make it all match. 
  4. Ask your maid of honor, bestie, or someone whose opinion you really trust for honest feedback or assistance.
  5. Wear the look for a few hours after you perfect it and see how well it lasts. What needs touching up? Make sure you bring those items with you on your wedding day.
  6. Layer creams and powders to create waterproof and tear-proof makeup all day.
  7. Use waterproof mascara and dab, don’t rub any tears.
  8. Don’t wear a lip color that is too brown.  It often doesn’t photograph well with white or ivory. Wear a lip color that makes you look happy and radiant.  Try a rose or soft pink. 
  9. Don’t overdo the highlighter. Start with a matte finish and add touches of highlighter on cheekbones, tip of the nose, center of eyes, and under the arch of the brow.  That’s plenty. 
  10. Use a setting spray to keep the look all day long once you get it just right.


Still have questions, go to and shop the bridal beauty boxes that provide 16 tried and true looks to choose from with instructions and all of the products used to create the look included. With the tips above plus a little practice, you can create the beautiful look you desire for your big day with ease.

Have more questions?  Feel free to message Alayne at