I find it really interesting that the walkout culture that salons have experienced for many years has made its way into mainstream businesses and suddenly every news program I turn on is talking about, “The Great Resignation.”  

Again, reinforcing that this is not a salon problem or a salon owner problem, but a nationwide cultural problem. 

Enter Stefanie Fox to the rescue for salon owners. She is way ahead of the curve on this problem and Stefanie may or may not have all the answers, but she certainly has all the data to back up her answers.

Stephanie Foximage

Stefanie Fox founder of Talentmatch.biz

I first heard about Stefanie from another salon owner walkout victim, Ginger Louviere.  You can read her genius recovery plan here.   Ginger joins the walkout club. Her genius comeback plans.  Talentmatch was a big part of Ginger’s plan to rebuild her team and hire the right people.  

It was a few years ago when I became obsessed with real data and not just the opinions or stories that staff members told themselves about their performance or my business. I loved how knowing my numbers told the real story.  So, it’s no wonder that my favorite trait about Stefanie is that she is also obsessed with data.  To figure out what cosmetology students and stylists really want, Stefanie and her company Talentmatch.biz have compiled the responses of more than 20,000 students and stylists. And she is using this data, not only to help us find our perfect employment match in her coaching programs, but also in an online app coming in 2022.

What I also appreciated about Stefanie, as I continued researching her and her company, is that she is so open and so willing to share.  You can find her literally EVERYWHERE sharing her knowledge.  Clubhouse, YouTube, IG, her website and being interviewed by almost everyone in the industry.  

So, what has all of Stefanie’s research found to help us hire and build the perfect team?

First, we need to revamp our online presence and create a social presence that not only tells our story but attracts the perfect employee almost without recruiting. The dream team blueprint course for $495 helps you do just that. Build Your Beauty Dream Team

Next, we need to always be looking for and getting out and telling our story, educating future employees.  I’m adding this as one of my primary tasks as an owner in 2022.  I will visit, reach out or teach at esthetics and cosmetology schools much more often. I’m setting a goal of at least quarterly.

Next, what does this next generation of future employees want.  This is what Stefanie says we need to offer to attract new staff:

  1. Education
  2. Career Path
  3. Offer growth, and don’t just talk about it. Execute it.
  4. Get new hires up to speed quickly.  
  5. Flexibility  

When interviewing a potential candidate, ask them about them!  

  1. What are your dreams?
  2. What is your why?
  3. Why did you choose this career/salon?
  4. Who do you like working around?
  5. What would make you feel extra valued at work?

I asked Stefanie what was her best advice for salon owners who have experienced a walkout? Of course, she told me about her first walkout over 10 years ago. It’s something you never forget!  I am recently going deep and uncovering how the walkouts I have experienced are determining so much more about my behavior and decision making than I even realized.  More on that in an upcoming blog post. 

Her advice was first.  “Have a real good cry.”  Next, find your people. This means find friends, family or mentors to talk to, someone who will be a good listener.  Find others who have been through the same thing. You are not alone, and you’ll quickly realize you are not a failure.  That is something we have tried to bring to light in this blog! Finally, get a coach on building teams and get to work on finding your new team and creating a new salon culture. 

Build it bigger. stronger and faster than ever before with talentmatch.biz! 

You can also catch this social media powerhouse sharing tips and advice on most Wednesdays around noon on Clubhouse @stef_fox 

She also posts a new youtube video here Talent Match Salon Recruiting with Stefanie Fox – YouTube

Have you experienced or survived a walkout?  We want to hear from you!  

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