“I should go last right, so I look the freshest?”  I hear it time and time again and the answer is NO!

Many people think that the bride should go last when receiving beauty services on the day of the wedding, but we actually prefer the bride to go first. Why you ask?

1) This is so we have the most time to spend on the bride.   If we leave the bride for last and anything is running behind, guess who we end up rushing on? Yup, you!  Our preference is when we arrive, to ‘set’ the bride’s hair in curls and then prep a few attendants and then bring the bride back to finish her hair and makeup so she is ready when the photographer arrives. Then we will finish 1 or 2 attendants at the end. As mentioned above, it is important that the bride is finished, or doing  final finishing touches, when the photographer arrives so you look flawless and fabulous in your “getting ready” photos. We can always mock a few makeup touchup and hair shots on a perfect looking bride.

2) Plus, you can also spend the most time on the bride. This way and rush on someone else if time is running late. It also allows the team at MMF to provide a little extra time to apply depuffing eye pads for the bride to wear in the morning prior to makeup application. 

3) Most often there is about a half hour to an hour and a half after the photographer arrives to finish attendants. But the Bride, Mother of the Bride, and Maid of Honor should always be ready or almost ready when the photographer arrives.

4) Got a picky attendant or Mother. I have seen in the past a picky attendant take up extra time in the beauty process. If you save the bride for last this cuts into her time. We usually save the picky attendant till the end or offer her a redo at the end when everyone else’s hair and makeup are completed.

5) Make sure your beauty team is committed to staying for an hour after the photographer arrives to see you in your dress and offer any touch-ups and veil placement for you.  It’s important for your artist to get the final view with the dress on and the veil placed perfectly to make sure all is satisfactory for you. If you are done earlier in the process your artist will also be able to assess what pieces of hair may fall out of place, if highlighting is needed on the clavicle bones, and offer touch-ups on any random tears or lipstick before she leaves.

It’s your day, go to bed early, get up early and get the most that your beauty team and the new day have to offer, it’s finally here, your wedding day.  Want a great day to take in the entire day! You can always rest on your honeymoon!