Ask your stylist if they have extensions on-site or if you need to bring them in.  At MMF, We have several shades of hair extensions for purchase on-site and can also custom order, or color and curl your extensions for your hair trial date and have them ready when you arrive for the trial and the wedding day as well. The cost is $35.00 per piece if we just need a few pieces or $200 per full set. We will also need a photo of your inspirational wedding day hair and your actual hair to see the necessary shade and length needed.  If you purchase from us there is no charge to custom cut, dye, or prep them and we will have them ready for your trial and bring them prepped and ready for the wedding day at no extra charge. 

If you bring them in or have a set already, we can still custom dye and prep them for you.  The cost to prep them if you bring them in is $35 and to dye them starts at $65.00.

Be sure to bring them with you to the hairstylist before the wedding if you are having your hair colored to a new shade, so the same shade can be used on your extensions or stop into MMF for a final color match a week or two before the wedding to make sure the match is still on point. If your regular stylist is in another area. 

Keep in mind glosses and toners often used to give longer hair color and shine are semi-permanent which does fade out gradually. So you want to be sure the match is still accurate a week to 2 weeks before the wedding.

So let your wedding day stylist know if you would like to have a set ready for you for your trial or if you will be bringing a set in with you prior to the trial and wedding. 

You may pay for them at that time once we decide what you need to suit your final style.


Stay fab!