Warm weather has finally arrived and so has your big day! It’s been said that brides should wear their hair in a style they’re familiar with so they look like their natural self walking down the aisle. When your wedding is in the middle of Summer, I think we can all agree that it is time for some change. It’s one of the most memorable days of your life so why not step out of your comfort zone and give yourself a boost. Picking a perfect hairstyle also means putting your dress, accessories, and makeup into consideration. Here are a few haircuts and style trends that will make you feel and look beautiful on your wedding day.


Curly Bob with Bangs

This combo is perfect for brides who prefer no heat on their hair in hot weather. There are many different curl patterns out there so look up some inspiration that’s close to yours before getting to the salon. Layering these curls will give you amazing volume, as well as a lightweight feel. This style will sit at the perfect length to still allow your dress to be given all the attention it deserves. Bangs have made a huge comeback and now is the time to make yours!


Layered Mid-Length Cut

If updos aren’t your thing then your best bet is getting a fresh cut with soft layers. This mid-length style can be parted to the side for a more sophisticated look. Ask your stylist to pump up the volume by curling the ends to shape your face and frame. This look pairs perfectly with a sleek dress and a bride going for a modern or minimalist look.


Slick Pixie Cut

With the Summer heat being unbearable at times what better way to fix it by cutting your hair into a short pixie. This may be a big jump for brides with longer hair but ladies with hair on the shorter side should consider just going the whole way. Pixie’s have become very popular as people find them easy to maintain and still allow you to do different styles. As your stylist to give you a slicked-back look for your big day, which would match perfectly with an over the top dress. You will not regret this short look!


Sleek Long Ponytail

Feel fresh and clean walking down the aisle with a mid-pony that runs down your back. This style is perfect for a bride who wants volume but doesn’t want to have to worry about putting her hair up and fixing it throughout the night. If done right, your stylist can create a voluminous and edgy pony that will have you feeling great. This is also a perfect style to pair with a veil if that’s in your plans. Pull that hair back and don’t let anything get in the way of your beautiful face.