Last month we highlighted beauty hacks for summertime weddings. As the summer months are fast approaching, so is the humidity. And while you’re already likely worrying about the hot, hot, heat, anticipating humidity in your bridal beauty routine is essential. Depending on the texture of your hair, humidity can impact every bride differently, some worse than others. Remember, humidity on your wedding day doesn’t only affect your hair! Here are a few tips to best manage humid weather your big day: 

Embrace Your Natural Mane

As we mentioned, humidity impacts everyone’s hair differently. While brides with more fine, straight hair may not be as impacted, those with coarse or curlier hair are likely to experience extra frizz during their nuptials. Either way, embracing your hair’s natural texture is definitely an excellent way to go. Talk to your stylist about which styles would work best with your natural texture before choosing your day-of look. If you have wavy or curly hair, going for a sleek straight look might not work out if your wedding is scheduled for a humid day.  

Anti-frizz Hair Products 

If your wedding is planned for a humid summer day, your hair-care products will be your best friend! Depending on your style choice, there’s a ton of different anti-frizz hair products your stylist can use for you. Light-weight serums are always a great help to control fly-aways and frizz and give you a sleek shine, despite the humid weather. You can also use a flexible mouse or texturizing spray to add volume without increasing the level of frizz. 

Moisturize & Deep Condition 

Dry hair is never good to pair with humidity. If you’re dealing with dry hair, it’s only going to have to battle the humid air harder. On your wash before the big day, consider using a deep-conditioning treatment to keep your hair extra moisturized. 

Consider an Up-do

If all else fails and your concern about humidity outweighs your desire to have a down-do, talk to your stylist about up-do that you might love! Luckily, there are tons of diverse options available, so don’t worry about being limited. You can work a completely pulled up chic-look with a bun or top-knot, or you can go for a rustic-whimsical style with a side pony-tail or braid!