COVID-19 has taken our usual way of living and turned it upside down. State and federal government-mandated shutdowns have closed schools, parks, and thousands of businesses across the country in efforts to minimize the exposure and spread of the virus. And while business owners everywhere are feeling the repercussions of these closures, many are making hopeful preparations for reopening

For salon owners and beauty professionals, this means revamping the way we conduct client appointments and business in general. It’s important to remember that reopening doesn’t mean we are out of the woods yet, so taking the necessary precautions, and implementing new protocols is essential for successful reopening. For the safety of both you and your clients, here are a few protocols to consider for your reopening:

Blow-Dry Bans

Experts believe that blow-drying could increase the spread of germs throughout your salon. While blow-drying isn’t entirely banned, many salons are choosing to forego it, and only offering cut and color services. If you’re planning to continue offering blow-drying services to clients, be sure to disinfect your blow-dry tools before each use between appointments. In a recent Good Morning America interview CBON Groups CEO Jeff Alford recommends aiming blow-dryers at the ground to avoid circulating air upward. “While pointed at the ground, run the dryer on high heat for 30 seconds to clear any possible pathogens before pointing at the hair of a client.”

Sanitation Stations 

Sanitation has always been a priority in the salon world. But, salons post-COIVD, are gearing up to take hygiene and cleanliness to new levels. All tools used during an appointment, from your capes to your shampoo sink, must be cleaned or disinfected after every use.

Continued Social Distancing 

Before COVID-19, close contact was part of every salon pros day-to-day. You’re touching your client’s hair and face, depending on the service, and it’s definitely a challenge to figure out how to work in social distancing measures. While close contact between you and your client might be hard to avoid, social distancing measures should take place within the salon. You can do this by ensuring all client visits are by-appointment-only and eliminating waiting areas, and requiring both salon employees and clients to wear a mask throughout their appointment. 

Temperature Screenings 

Temperature screenings are becoming the new norm for most businesses that are on their way to reopening. For all clients coming in for an appointment, a temperature screening upon arrival.