I recently saw a story on Good Morning America and it got me thinking. Really thinking!  In the story, a group of 80 woman doctors got together to create an instagram page that brought awareness to the insufficient and neglectful care that female black americans were receiving. It is called #SharetheMedicalMic. So I started an instagram page and a facebook page called #stopthewalkouts.  I’m hoping to get at least 80 of you, if not more, to video tape your story of the devastation walkouts have caused to your livelihoods, families, and businesses, plus how you survived and recovered.  And, most importantly why we need help to #stopthewalkouts that have gone on long enough.   It is my hope that these pages and group will also evolve to help those suffering from a walkout and also get legislation in place to make this behavior illegal.  I have called and chatted with 3 local legislators in my area with no follow-up on their end. So it’s time that we speak up even louder, together.

If doctors can do it, so can we!  Who is ready to video tape their story and post it.  The more of us who start talking about it and stop being scared to tell our story, the more people we can help and also bring light to this behavior that is destroying so many businesses and livelihoods. #makeyourmessyourmission

Message me and tell me you’d like to share your story at alayne@makemefab.com and join our instagram and facebook pages at stopthewalkouts on Facebook and at https://www.instagram.com/stopthewalkouts/  on Insta.

Stay well,