Deciding what hairstyle you want on your big day can be a difficult choice to make. From buns to braids to ponytails, there are many styles to take into consideration. It can feel extremely overwhelming, but luckily I’ve rounded a few stunning wedding hairstyles looks that will make your search for the perfect ‘do a little less stressful. If you don’t know what direction you want to go in, there will be a few things you will want to think about, such as the style of your dress, the atmosphere of your wedding, and, most importantly, what you will feel the most comfortable in. After scrolling through the next few hairstyles, hopefully, you will be able to walk away, envisioning how fabulous you will look on your big day.

Timeless Low Chignon

This classic hairstyle has withstood the test of time. Two hundred years ago, this hairstyle was first worn by women in Ancient Greece and decorated with gold or ivory hairpins. The chignon gained popularity during the Victorian era and were often quite large and padded with false hair. Since its rise to popularity, the chignon has become a go-to choice for brides to sport on their big day.

Low Chignon

Romantic Updo With Flower Accents

If the feel of your wedding airs on the bohemian side, a relaxed bun with fresh flower details will be simply sweet. Ask your hairstylist for a loser bun with a few wispy pieces that will frame your face.

If you want to avoid the hassle of adding individual flowers, opt for a flower crown. If you decide to go this route, talk to your stylist on how you can remove it without disrupting your updo.

Floral Accents Hair

Voluminous Old-Hollywood Curls

For a look that screams glamour, ask your stylist to give you volume and curls that will turn your wedding aisle into a red carpet. If you really want to embody old-Hollywood glam, have one side pinned down to the side and accent with a sparkly barrette.

Vintage Hair

Ballerina Bun Topknot

These buns aren’t just for ballerinas. As long as your hair is chin-length or longer, all hair types will work in this hairstyle. Thanks to the invention of the “donut bun,” creating volume can happen with ease. If you are wearing a wedding dress that has a higher neckline or detailing around the top, this is a great option to allow your dress to shine.

Balerina Bun 2 Image

An Anything-But-Ordinary Ponytail

To some, a ponytail may seem too causal and ordinary to wear on your wedding day. But ponytails are incredibly easy to dress up. Whether you wear it sleek and shiny or curly and full, you will surely gleam while walking down the aisle. Ponytails are an excellent opportunity to incorporate accessories like a crystal headband or a delicate ribbon. Don’t underestimate the power of a ponytail!

Img 2618