There are so many sides to the salon business, and as a salon owner, you need to be prepared and well versed in all areas of your business. Your job as a beauty professional is to deliver fabulous looks to each and every one of your clients. But your job doesn’t end there! The retail side of your business is absolutely an essential part of your success. Your clients want to know they can keep up with their hair care at home until their next appointment. And it’s the job of you and your staff to educate your clients on the best ways they can do that! 

It’s Not Just Selling 

Selling something can be uncomfortable. You don’t want to come off too strong. You don’t have an aggressive personality. All too often, there’s a negative connotation that comes with selling retail. Remember, you’re not just selling. As a salon professional, you should be an expert in the products that you carry and the methods needed to keep hair healthy and beautiful! And, you should have your client’s best interest in mind. No one knows their hair better than you, and they’re putting time and effort in to keep it healthy by making their regular appointments. Use your expertise to show your clients the products that will suit their hair, and that you know they’ll love to use in between their scheduled appointments!

Believe in Your Products

This one is simple. To sell your products, you need to genuinely believe in them. This is where you have to do your due diligence in finding the perfect products for your salon. When you do this, the process of retailing your products becomes much easier and feels much more natural. 

Build Client Trust With a Consultation

One of the most critical steps of retailing is your client’s consultation. This is where you’re going to build that relationship and trust and learn your client’s hair care needs. Ask for your client’s personal insight on their hair. What do they like about it? What do they not like? What are their overall haircare goals? The consultation is the best time to discover their needs.

Incorporate Products Into Daily Use 

The best way to teach your clients about the products you think would be right for them is to use them! But don’t stop there. During your regular conversations, take a moment to explain the product you’re using and why you’re using it. Your clients will appreciate this insight and might learn a thing or two!