Your bridesmaids are made up of some of the most influential people in your life. They’re standing by your side before, during, and after your wedding; for detail-oriented brides, they’re an essential component of the picture-perfect day. Bridal beauty trends are constantly changing, and many brides pay close attention to beauty details; coordinating hairstyles, make-up, dresses and more. If you’re in the midst of wedding planning, or you’re a bridesmaid looking for the perfect look on your best friends big day, check out a few of these trending bridesmaid hairstyles:

Romantic Braids

Braided hairstyles can be done in so many different ways, and look great with all different textures, colors, and lengths of hair. You can try braided hairstyles that incorporate one large braid or get a little more creative with a waterfall braid or a braided headband. They’re also a great way to keep hair pulled back, without having to resort to a bun or updo (although both are great choices!).



Updo’s are a versatile and trendy way to add elegance to any bridesmaid look. With updos, there are tons of different styles and spins that can add diversity to your bridesmaid’s hairstyles, while keeping things coordinated and uniform (if that’s what you’re going for). You can try romantic braided updos, looser, more whimsical updos with a few falling layers, or elegant top-knot buns to keep hair pulled back and well-kept. Updos are an excellent option for outdoor weddings with warmer temperatures or high humidity; they also accentuate the look of open or scooped-back dresses. 

Textured Beach Waves

Sometimes, finding a coordinated hairstyle for your bridesmaids that have different hair lengths can be a trying task. You’re not sure where to turn! The solution: textured, loose beach waves. Textured beach waves are a classic bridesmaid look that is simple yet stunning; and, its perfect for a bridal party made up of various hair lengths. 

Crowns and Headpieces

While a crown or a headpiece isn’t the actual hairstyle itself, they’re an amazing addition to so many different trending looks in bridal beauty. Crowns and headpieces allow you to add some extra detail and be creative with your bridal look. Make sure to work with your hair professional to secure it properly during the ceremony, and learn how to remove it without ruining your beautiful do!