For the past few months, things have been all over the place for everyone due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses were forced to close, leaving clients to hide inside until they’re able to get their salon maintenance done once again. While having more time on their hands for new ideas, some clients may have taken it upon themselves to keep up with their hair. Many on the other hand have let their color grow out and allowed their hair to breathe and stay healthy. With businesses finally starting to open soon there is a very high demand for services and just not enough time to get everyone in the salon as fast as they would like. Here are some reasons why you should hold a virtual consultation to catch up to speed with a client and their current needs before reopening your salon.


Social Distancing

Many states are allowing businesses to re-open but under very strict guidelines. One is the capacity allowed in. By having a virtual consultation with a client you’re able to get this part of the process done without waiting for the salon to open and worrying about how many people can be in at a time. This also saves a trip for both parties. Once the salon opens it may be hard to have an in-person consultation with one person while having another under the dryer. For the safety of everyone, staying at home and telling your hairstylist what you want through video is best. If you’re not comfortable with video, ask if pictures will work and the two of you can chat.



Just like owners, clients are usually on a budget. Not having your hair well maintained for a few months may call for a higher price in service. A virtual consultation is a perfect way to give clients a price and go into detail about the situation, rather than waiting until the end of their appointment and having to price them while having other clients in the salon. This allows salon owners to get an idea of your earnings and allow clients to think about the price before coming in. 



With clients being backed up on their appointments it may be overwhelming for you as an owner while booking as best as you can. By holding virtual consultations you can grasp an idea of how long a client may take on the chair, considering they have skipped a few appointments. This also allows you to learn how to save your time and use it wisely. In-person consultations may take longer and leave you at your salon after hours. Being in the comfort of your own home and doing the same work is just as efficient. If any clients are interested in a special color, this gives you time to go out and buy products before their official appointment.